Natasha Green

Radiant light beams of beauty and joy exuding,

The elixir of life is artfully located in the souls of our intentions,

cascading like waterfalls,

all over our hearts.

Baptized in the brilliance of our talents and persuasions,

each and every moment a celebration that captures

new beginnings,

new art,

new horizons,

new poetry,

new desires,

new dreams.

Adorned in the miracle of humankind.

Happy New Year to everyone!!! Let’s make some magic in 2022!!!






I love artists. Enjoyed the week traversing across Los Angeles with a future director of cinema, a delightful dancer and a passionate writer/make-up artist. And they know my love for fine dining (the calamari at 71Above is to die for) and beach days with cocktails and horseback riding, of course we just had to go horseback riding…